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About Us - For The Young At Heart, and HealthStyle Smart
About Us - For The Young At Heart, and HealthStyle Smart - For the young at heart and HealthStyle smart

For The Young At Heart, and HealthStyle Smart

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Thursday 30th of March 2017
™, a privately held company based in New York City, was The first online "HealthStyle™" Seniors (boomers) community designed for adults 55 and older and their families and continues to be the leader in Internet destinations devoted to Seniors and caregivers many others have tried to duplicate. We have coined the term "HealthStyle™" to reflect the unique health and related life-style factors that characterize the active, changing lives of older adults.™ was founded in 1998 to provide a special, easy-to-navigate environment where older adults and their families could better connect with each other and find really useful personalized information and services.™ was co-founded by a Doctor and CEO of an East Coast group of Nursing Home/Extended Care Centers who happens to be a leading nationally acclaimed nursing home administrator, a leading advocate for the rights of senior adults and a renowned public speaker on women's rights that is very politically involved regarding Senior Care issues.

Change is difficult at any age, but often the transitions of advancing years are compounded by health needs, financial issues, social isolation and the need for companionship and new experiences.™ strives to open new possibilities and opportunities for our community. Let us be be your looking glasses on the Web, your partners in cyberspace. Our objective is to make your life a little easier and definitely a lot more fun.™ is the place to explore and discover the people, activities and resources important to the older but still Young at Heart™.

We hope you will browse our site, keeping in mind our mission: to help seniors lead healthy, active, independent lives. If you have comments to share or editorial submissions, please email us directly at If you are a provider of goods or services that may enhance the quality of life of seniors and are interested in participating on or want to advertise - please contact us at or contact us Here

Thank you for visiting Please make yourself at home.

The following are facts and statistics on the post age 55 "Senior" population that you may find useful in considering advertising strategies on Please feel free to copy and use this information as part of your media presentation package to potential advertisers.

Based on a total of 249,525,000 weekly Web users, 13 percent or 6,438,250 people are 50 years old and over. And the numbers are rising weekly!
(Media Metrix)

Seniors are the "Frequent Flyers" of the Health Care System.

By the year 2025, an estimated 28.1 percent of the population will be seniors.

Expenditures on prescription-drug coverage is one of the fastest rising components of health care spending.

Although seniors represent 15 percent of the population, they account for almost 40 percent of all prescriptions.

Seniors are more likely than younger people to be multiple-drug users.

Seniors reporting stress are more likely to report poor health and multiple drug use.

Seniors without helpful family and friends are more likely to have stressful lives and to be multiple drug users.

Most seniors are not heavy drinkers, but at the same time, 22 percent of seniors report drinking four or more drinks per week, compared to 11 percent for the general population.

It is estimated that 6 to 10 percent of seniors have significant alcohol problems.

Over 43 million US adults over the age of 50 have Internet access and this number is growing rapidly, according to a recent study conducted by Charles Schwab Inc. This figure represents 26.5 percent of the total online population in the US. The study found that 90 percent of US seniors who own a home computer surf the Web. Further, 70 percent of all US adults over the age of 50 have a computer at home, up from 29 percent in 1995. Of those seniors who access the Internet, 92 percent do so to use e-mail, 89 percent use it to research an issue of interest, 73 percent to access news and current affairs information, 77 percent to conduct travel research, and 63 percent to get weather updates. In addition, 80 percent of those surveyed said that using the Internet helped them to make better investment decisions. The findings are based on a random telephone survey of 6000 adults age 50 and over and the error margin is 4 percent. 

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